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In 23 years, we have had the opportunity to serve ejidos, agrarian communities , private sector companies and the government , in matters related to:

  • Defense of land tenure;

  • Acquisition of land, property and rights;

  • Release of Right of Way in infrastructure projects and gas pipelines;

  • Rustic Rural and Social Property Urbanization;

  • Community Relations and rights of native peoples;

  • Civil Litigation, Agrarian, Amparo and justifiability of Human Rights and DESCAS's

We actively participate in the institutions of the Agrarian Sector through the AC Agrarian Observatory, of which our Director, Lic. Nayar Paredes, is President and founder.

We are at the forefront of issues related to:

  • The energy sector.

  • Agrarian Development.

  • Community Relations

  • Topography.

  • Territorial organization.

  • Mining and extractive industry.

  • Urbanization of agricultural and rural lands.

  • Human rights.