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Services and Management   Agrarian.

Consultoría Agraria

Advice on issues related to social property

- Identification, location and analysis of surfaces, lands and destinations in ejidos and communities.

- Contracting for the acquisition and occupation of ejidal and communal lands.

- Community Relations and conflict prevention.

Procedures before the National Agrarian Registry.

- Registration of minutes of the Ejidal / communal Assembly.

- Registration of contracts (agricultural, investment , Electric / Hydrocarbon industry ).

- Basic Folders, lists of ejidatarios, certificates and plans.

- Certification of ejidal rights (RRAJA - FANAR).

- Topography and agrarian surveying of communal and communal lands.

- Search for background on land and rights.

Urbanization and change of social land regime.

- Urbanization of ejidal lands.

- Full Domain.

- Contribution of land and lands of common use to real estate projects .

- Formalization of ejidal trusts and real estate .

- Regularization of possessors and irregular human settlements.

- Fractionation of lots and land.

Regularization of Human Settlements

Incorporation of ejidal and communal land to urban development:

- Urbanization of ejidal and communal lands.

- Regularization of possessions.

- Full Domain.

- Disincorporation of land.

- Jurisdictional way.

In agricultural matters, we will assist you before the dependencies of the Agricultural Sector (SEDATU, PA, RAN) to promote your projects throughout the country.

Litigio Agrario


The agrarian jurisdiction requires professionals, lawyers and highly specialized experts in social property and its actions.

We are experts in Agrarian Law and we have coverage throughout the country.

Restitution, prescription,

succession and defense of lands and rights.

Legal representation for ejidos, ejidatarios, community members, companies and Government Institutions , before the Agrarian Courts in the defense and regularization of lands, assets and rights.

We participate in Litigation and professional legal advice , highly specialized throughout the country .

Occupations, expropriations and compensation.

Advice and representation in negotiations and litigation on issues related to:

  • Previous occupation .

  • Agreements and contracts.

  • Easements.

  • Expropriations.

In projects in the electrical industry , hydrocarbons, roads, gas pipelines, telecommunications and real estate.

Nullity of acts, assemblies and records.

Legal assistance regarding annulment actions of:

  • Agreements of ejidal assemblies,

  • Acts of administrative authorities,

  • Government acts.

That affect lands and land rights and ejidal / communal rights.

Compliance, termination and nullity of acts and contracts.

Negotiation of contracts, celebration of assemblies and fulfillment of contracts and agreements before Agrarian / Federal Courts.

Nullity of acts of authority that affect the social system of property or rights of Ejidatarios / Comuneros.

Regularization of Human Settlements

incorporation of ejidal and communal land into urban development, through:

  • Regularization of possessions.

  • Nullity of agreements in the minutes of the Ejidal Assembly.

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