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Community Relations.

Prior, free and culturally appropriate consultation

Consulting and assistance on issues related to Peoples, Ejidos, Indigenous Communities. they are a social and professional approach.

  • Previous analysis of Social Impact for infrastructure, energy, hydrocarbon and urbanization projects.
  • Local communication and community relations strategies .
  • Prior, free and informed consultations to native peoples and peoples who self-assign indigenous.
  • Negotiations and agreements taking into account the legal framework and customs and uses.
  • Agrarian formalities (assemblies, contracts, notifications, registration of contracts ).
  • Drafting, formalization and monitoring of contracts and agreements.
  • Formation of permanent or temporary community management teams .

All projects that have an impact on Ejidal and Communal lands and in territories of influence of Indigenous Peoples must be planned and carried out with great social responsibility ,   taking care of their effects on the lives of peoples, respecting their human and ancestral rights .
This social and cultural responsibility is implicit in projects: Construction, road infrastructure, mining, electricity and hydrocarbons C onducción, photovoltaic arrays, wind and geothermal, etc.

We provide you with advice, staff and facilities on the following topics:

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