We advise you and provide you with legal and technical services for the acquisition of land and rights. Identifying the opportunities and reducing the risks in your real estate investment projects , both in private and social property :


Real Estate Due Diligence

  • Analysis of deeds , property titles and contracts, in order to verify their legal effectiveness.


  • Verification of land use , urban and environmental restrictions


  • Registry investigation , to verify taxes, restrictions and annotations; as well as search for real folios and property titles.


  • Notarial Management   and real estate appraisal for the negotiation and celebration of agreements, contracts and deeds.

Agrarian Due Diligence

  • Verification of ejido land holders / communal and, identifying locations (plots, common use and human settlement, etc)


  • Legal and technical assistance in the negotiation and celebration of contracts and assemblies .


  • Procedures before the National Agrarian Registry, SEDATU and Agrarian Courts.


  • Notarial, Registry and Appraisals Management for the occupation, acquisition, affectation of lands and ejidal / Communal rights.

Land development

  • Verification of land uses , urban and environmental restrictions.


  • Legal and technical advice for the celebration of Ejido Assemblies and contracts.


  • Topography and Surveying .


  • Adoption of Full Domain of Plots.


  • Changes of Destination (Administrative and Judicial).


  • Registry and Notarial Procedures .


Negotiation and legal defense.

  • Negotiation with Landlords, Litigants and Rights Holders.


  • Celebration and improvement of agreements and contracts.


  • Attention to issues and conflicts related to the possession of land, real estate and rights.


  • Real estate registration , contracts before the Registration Bodies.


  • Litigation before Civil and Federal Courts, Agrarian Courts and Amparo .