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Energy Law .

Consultancy, services and specialized technical work for projects of generation, transmission / conduction of Electricity and Hydrocarbons.

Contracts and Negotiations

  • Design, drafting, celebration and execution of Contracts .


  • Negotiation with Owners, ejidos and Agrarian Communities.


  • Creation of records and documentary integrity.


  • Management in the Public Registry of Property and National Agrarian Registry.

Community Relations

  • Social Impact Manifestation.


  • Communication, notifications and consent.


  • Negotiations with Agrarian Nuclei and Owners.


  • Ejidal / communal Assemblies.


  • Free, prior and informed consultations (169 ILO).

Rights of way and acquisition of land and rights

  • Due Diligence.


  • Topography and specialized surveying .


  • Surface occupation and acquisition of land / rights.


  • Easements .


  • Audit , monitoring of work release.


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