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In the land of Mexico is the opportunity to do justice and bring prosperity.

Sectors we serve :

Social Property

  • Ejidos, Agrarian Communities, National Lands.


  • Defense of property and rights.


  • Ejidal Assemblies, Certification of land and regularization of rights.


  • Agrarian Procedures .


  • Indigenous consultation : Free and informed prior consultation (169 ILO).

and Right of Way.
  • Acquisition of goods and rights for infrastructure projects.

  • Roads and highways.

  • Driving lines.

  • State and Federal Infrastructure.

Topography and Surveying.

Specialized topography in agrarian matters.

Topography and expert surveying in agrarian, civil and protection matters.

Specialized advice in the relief of the expert test in topographic in oral processes.

Real estate.

Real estate investment in ejido land.

Regularization of lands , buildings and human settlements.

Contracting and legal defense.

Real Estate Due Diligence .

Projects in the energy sector

Acquisition of land, goods and rights.

Preparation and conclusion of contracts.

Projects of: Conduction lines, gas pipelines, Oil pipelines, Fields, wind and geothermal

We are

Your sword and your shield


Our services

Civil and real estate law

  • Contracts, acquisition and sale of land and real estate.

  • Defense and legal representation before courts and tribunals, local and federal.

  • Processing / Litigation of Successions , Possession, Property regarding real estate.

  • Commercial real estate appraisal .

  • Regularization , and real estate titling .

  • Urbanization of agricultural and rural lands .

  • Regularization of assets and Federal Patrimony . for SCT, PEMEX, CFE, CONAGUA, etc.

Agricultural law

  • Ejidos and Agrarian Communities .

  • Community Relations and conflict prevention.

  • Legal representation in the defense of Lands and Rights.

  • Assemblies and formalities agrarian.

  • Due Diligence and Acquisition of surface rights.

  • Expropriations and compensation.

  • Strategic Litigation in Human Rights and DESCA's.

Right of way and surface rights

  • Technical and legal work on affected land and assets.

  • Planning, Supervision and Coordination of release and acquisition work.

  • Prior consultation of peoples , negotiation and obtaining agreements.

  • Attention to conflicts and community relations.

  • Hiring, formalization and registration procedures.

  • Expropriations and compensation.

Due diligence

For the acquisition of land, assets and rights necessary to:

  • Urban projects and urbanization.

  • State and Federal Concessions.

  • Mining projects.

  • Hydrocarbon and energy projects.

  • Tourist Projects.

  • Private and corporate acquisitions of land, real estate and rights.


Online legal services

We serve throughout the country

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